How to remove scratches from phone screen: That’s Really Works]

How to remove scratches from phone screen¬†Often, we are looking to remove the phone screen’s scratches. The best way to repair your scratched phone is to replace the screen, but if this is not an option, try one of these methods to remove the scratches.

how to remove scratches from phone screen Complete Guide

But the situation ends badly in the damage of the screen or the increase in scratches, so here is a list of ways and tricks to get rid of phone screen scratches without damaging them.

Using vegetable oil

If you like temporary solutions you can use vegetable oil with a piece of fabric to get a quick and temporary solution to scratches for how to remove scratches from phone screen.

Put a drop of vegetable oil on the mobile screen, scratch, and then rub it enough to remove the effect of scratching. Thus, you have obtained satisfactory results, but this method is considered cosmetic powder as the powder disappears will return to the real face.

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How to remove scratches from phone screen: Simple Method

Bread yeast

The benefit of baking yeast is not only for ripening bread and sweets, but we can also use it to remove scratches from the mobile screen, and here’s how.

How to remove scratches from gorilla glass-With in Min

Mix two tablespoons of baking yeast with one tablespoon of water in a suitable container and stir the mixture until you get a coherent dough and then using your hand

Gently put the dough on the phone screen, move it in a circular motion until it covers the entire mobile screen’s entire scratches, and then use a damp cloth to remove the dough residue And its appendages. Note / Baby powder can replace baking yeast in its absence and the way to use it exactly as we mentioned, but with baby powder instead of yeast.

Remove scratches from the mobile screen using glue

In the event that the previous methods did not work, you can try glue, but here we can say that we have come up with ways that need some attention and focus while working, and here are the steps of the method.

  1. how to remove scratches from phone screen We need a small amount of glue or epoxy in addition to a plastic card (you can use the bus card or credit card).
  2. We cover the entire ports on the phone with a suitable adhesive tape to prevent glue from leaking into the phone.

3.We put a thin layer of glue at the beginning of the scratch area, and then we extend it using the plastic card we have.

4.Gently continue to work and cover the areas of scratches until we have completed all the cracks, then wait until the glue dry.

5.After making sure the glue is dry use a nail polish remover with a cotton ball to wipe off the excess glue.

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