Fortnite patch notes | Fortnite 12 20 patch notes

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Epic Games officially released the Fortnite 12.20 design of the Battle Royale with heroes available for download on PC, Xbox One

What is Fortnite patch notes

Fortnite patch notes Since the start of Season 2, it has not been easy to see that the island has been prepared for the arrival of a brand new flying vehicle: helicopters.

Fortnite 12 20 update: unofficial patch note in French

The game has experimented with flying vehicles in the past, be it Aquilon X-4 planes or players driving quad bikes in the air using their boosts, none of which managed to stay too long. After weeks of speculation, the Choppa has arrived and is expected to shake up the game.


It’s no surprise that the introduction Fortnite patch notes of helicopters are the title added to the game with update 12.20. Since the start of Fortnite season 2, players have been waiting for their arrival as several new locations in the game, such as L’Agence or La Grotte, have integrated helipads.

fortnite helicopter season 2

Fortnite 12.20 release notes
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Now players have a whole new transportation mode that will see them soar high in the sky and offer new ways to Fortnite patch notes spin around the island when the storm begins to gather and the playing area shrinks.

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New temporary “Operation Drop” mode

Fortnite 12 20 patch notes

The secret agent theme continues in Fortnite season 2 with the introduction of “The Spy Games”.

The Spy Games
Credit Epic Games

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Players who participate in this new temporary mode can use a new technical system to unlock trumps that will give them an advantage against their enemies in spy games, and will also be able to test new gadgets.

Bug fixes

It’s no secret that Epic Games Fortnite patch notes have seen many different bugs reported since the last Fortnite weekly update and as always. The developers have worked hard to fix some of these issues to improve the players’ quality of life.

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