5 Best Methods how to convert webpage to pdf 2024

How to convert webpage to pdf

How to convert the web page to pdf? Here are many online methods and peoples trying to search and find what is best for her. We share your detail and giving you complete information about how we can do it.

  1. How to convert webpage to pdf
  2. how to convert webpage to pdf on mac
  3. how to convert webpage to pdf online
  4. how to convert webpage to pdf chrome
  5. how to convert webpage to pdf iPad
  6. how to convert webpage to pdf in firefox

Sometimes you may want to convert web pages to PDF for later viewing without the need to connect to the Internet to copy and easily share them with others or send them to the printer. Chrome and Safari contain tools for creating PDFs, while you will need an additional program if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer.

How to convert webpage to pdf

How to convert web page to pdf

Chrome browser

1) Open the page you want to convert to PDF

When creating a PDF from a web page, some elements may change automatically. This method will print the page currently shown but will not save links to other pages on the site.

2) Click on File

Then click on Print.

3) Click the Change button

Then choose Save as PDF you will see a section titled Local Destinations.

4) Select your options

How to convert webpage to pdf

how to convert web page to pdf

There are two options that you can click on before turning your webpage into a PDF. Click the Layout drop-down menu to choose between portrait or landscape orientation.

 Deactivate the Headers and Footers option if you do not want the date, page name, and title to appear at the top and bottom of the PDF pages.

Choose the Background Graphics option to display any background image.

5) Click on the “Save” button

Choose a name and specify a location in which to save the PDF.

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Safari browser

1) Open the page you want to convert to PDF

2) Click on the “File” option and then choose “Export to PDF.” This method requires OS X 10.9 and later. If you are using an older version, click on “File” then “Save as,” then choose “PDF” within the file type How to convert webpage to pdf.

3) Select a file name and a suitable place to save it. It may take some moments for the file to be created, depending on the page size.

How to convert webpage to pdf

How to convert webpage to pdf

  1. Download CutePDF, as Firefox and Internet Explorer don’t include PDF tools, so you need to install a Virtual Printer to create a PDF instead of printing.
  2. Go to command-click Free download and then Free converter to download the two programs required for installation.
  3. Run the cute writer program to start installing CutePDF as the installer includes several browser toolbars, so click on / Cancel on the first request and then click on the Skip This and all remaining offers that will appear to you.
  4. Run converter.exe after installing CutePDF
  5. Open the website you want to create a pdf file from, and now after installing CutePDF, you can do this using any browser.
  6. Open the print window by pressing ctrl + P, and you can find it through the file/file menu or Firefox menu. In it, you have to click on the Print button in the Print preview window.
  7. Click on the drop-down menu that includes the printer, select the CutePDF writer and press the print button.
  8. How to convert webpage to pdf Choose the name of the pdf file and save it, it will appear after a moment in the CutePDF save window, and you will be able to name the file and choose a folder to save it within.

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