How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan | Complete Guide 2024

How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan. Amazon provides a lot of opportunities for sellers with their 95 million Prime Members and 150 million users. They’ve reached 2-billion in sales last year, which proves they already have an enormous customer base available through Amazon’s platform.

Amazon pakistan seller is one of the most popular online marketplaces today because it has such huge opportunities for vendors due to its large prime membership at 95 Million people worldwide and 150 million total customers monthly who buy items on the site. The company has managed to sell more than $2 billion worth from just two thousand different vendors since 2014 while also reaching over 20% profit margins against eBay or Walmart.

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Pakistan is a flourishing country with an active online market. With 70% of Pakistanis buying from Amazon, it’s unwise to shut them out and keep the doors locked for those who want to buy on your platform. It’s time that we break down barriers and open up new opportunities in our international markets– not just regionally but globally as well.

Simply follow these procedures to set up an Amazon seller account from Pakistan

The most important things about how to create Amazon seller account in Pakistan are given below.

  1. National Identity Card
  2. Passport
  3. Bank account detail and statement

The name of Pakistan was not listed on Amazon’s website before, but now when we start creating an account, the name of Pakistan has begun to show up there. Now we can quickly create an Amazon seller account in Pakistan.

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To create a amazon seller account pakistan, you need three basic things. One is your national identity card, the second is a passport, and the third is an ATM and debit card. In addition, you need to create a Pakistani seller account on Amazon. You have to scan the front and backside of your ID card and upload it on Amazon’s registration portal.

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In addition, you will need to provide your bank account transaction history and details to create a salary account on Amazon.

Now we will tell you How to create Amazon seller account in Pakistan while living in Pakistan. Remember that while creating an account for Amazon, avoid giving wrong and fake information. Provide accurate information to make a good profit by selling your product on Amazon; otherwise, your account will be suspended forever.

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Amazon seller account Kaise banaye in Pakistan | How to Register at Amazon from Pakistan

Let’s start. First of all, you have to open simple your mobile or desktop browser and search Now you have to search here Amazon seller account, then one new window will be open, and it’s lock like this.

How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan
How to create Amazon seller account in Pakistan

If you want to create a new account on Amazon, click on Sign Up Button. After clicking on Sign Up, you can find one new window or tab is opened. If you already have an Amazon seller account in Pakistan. Then just put your Email id and Password and press the button of Sing in.

Otherwise, please provide your email id and password and press the button to create your amazon account. After clicking on it, one email verification code will be sent to your email address provided for the time of registration. Then click below to create your account.

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How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan
How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan

After clicking on create your amazon account, you will find a window to provide some important information to create your Amazon seller account in Pakistan.

  • Business and Contact address
  • Mobile or Telephone number
  • Chargeable Credit card
  • Identity details

Then you have to select your business location where you live and your current location. In other words, you have to provide information about the country where you want to open your Amazon seller account.

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How to Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan - Step by Step
How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan

Now select your country Pakistan in the list shown on Amazon at the time of account creation. After choosing the country Pakistan, now it’s time to choose your business type. There are different types of accounts. Chose one which is best for your business. Following options available here of select

  • State-owned business
  • Public listed business
  • Privately owned business
  • Charity
  • Non I am an individual

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How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan
How to create amazon seller account in Pakistan

After providing this information, press the button for next here is four important sections to open your seller account in Pakistan. Would you please fill out these forms with accurate information, which are the four options we have to provide you with all information about these below?

  • Individual Information
  • Billing
  • Store
  • Verification

1.Individual Information

Here, you have to provide important information about where you are from. This includes your date of birth and place of birth. You must also provide the address for your business so that we can deliver all orders promptly! In addition, it is required that you include a zip code and the country and region in which this business resides.


Amazon sellers in Pakistan have to provide basic information about their bank account details, transaction history, and other important variables before opening a seller’s account. This is because Pakistani laws require them to do this so that Amazon knows who the merchants selling on its site are and what risks might be involved with doing business with those merchants.


Amazon is a platform that offers many opportunities for business owners looking to expand their customer base. One of these ways is by selling products on Amazon, an online marketplace where millions browse and buy every day from all over the world. All you have to do as a store owner, which we can help with at _ (enter your company name), to sell products through amazon:

  1. Create or update your account profile page
  2. Add listings under Inventory Manager
  3. Set up inventory levels
  4. Enter shipping information
  5. Verify prices
  6. Accept payments
  7. Track sales
  8. Monitor orders
  9. Responding
  10. Upload photos
  11. Complete tax forms
  12. Communicate about shipments
  13. Choose how items are sold


Amazon is always looking out for its customers, which can be seen in its dedication to updating you on your account. For instance, Amazon might verify all of your information and then remind you about it later if any changes need to happen.

Conclusion paragraph:

Do you want to start selling your products on Amazon? You can create an account in Pakistan. This article provides a complete guide about how to do so.

We will show you what steps are required and the documents to be collected before creating an account for an Amazon seller in Pakistan. If you have any questions or comments about this post, please leave them below!

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