How To Recover Deleted Messages In WhatsApp?

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5 Best Methods How To Recover Deleted Messages In WhatsApp?

One of the most unfortunate incidents on WhatsApp is losing messages and conversations due to application deletion, mobile change, or other problems. That is why the app allows you to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp by backing up data.

How to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp?

Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp on Android

Messages and conversations deleted from WhatsApp are retrieved if the user wants to buy a new device and transfer his data to him or restore messages on the empty device itself by creating backup copies, either on a cloud storage service or on the internal phone memory or memory card.

To restore the backup on the cloud storage service, you must use the same phone number and Google account that we created the copy within Google Drive, then follow these steps:

  1. Delete and reinstall WhatsApp.
  2. Enter and authenticate the phone number.
  3. Then the Restore option will appear, click on it, and choose to Restore from Google Drive.
  4. When the restore is complete, all previous conversations saved under backup will appear.
  5. If there are media in the copy, WhatsApp will recover it as well.

It is also possible to restore backup copies saved on local storage and transfer these backups from old devices to new devices

The mobile device automatically stores data for up to seven days before the recovery process, and it also saves every day at 2:00 am and forms a file New to copy saved on the phone.

Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp on iOS

Apple’s  iCloud cloud storage service is used to store backup copies of WhatsApp conversations and messages periodically to retrieve them If the document on the device is deleted or you want to change it by following a method similar to the technique used within the Android system:

How To Recover Deleted Messages In WhatsApp?

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on iphone
Credit image Google
  1. Ensure that a chat backup is available by entering WhatsApp settings, then the chat option, and then the chat backup.
  2. If a backup is available, we delete the WhatsApp application and reinstall it.
  3. We open the application and enter the phone number and confirm the registration process.
  4. After registering the phone number, an option to restore previously saved copies of iCloud from conversations appears. Then press the chance and wait a moment for all previously saved exchanges to return to the app.

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