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Top 10 Pakistani Popular dramas in 2020

Top Best Pakistani Dramas 2020 and most-watched drama serials in Pakistan. Here is a detailed drama serial in Pakistan. We can share it with you all. We are sharing the latest update on the trending Darams series in Pakistan. People love to watch Them.

Top Trending Pakistani Dramas of 2020 and answer all questions asked on Google about Hum TV dramas and Top Pakistani dramas

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Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Pakistani dramas are watched all over the world. Thanks to the latest technology, people have easy access to them. The entertainment industry is trying to entertain its viewers. The top-Pakistani dramas can only be those that offer the best.

Better content is more important than anything else. The presentation of this content on the screen is another plus. The actors are doing their best to give everything out. Technicians give all these dramas, too. That’s why these major Pakistani dramas of 2019 are simply unbeatable.

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Ranja Ranja Kardi

Script writer: Fayza Iftikhar

Director: Kashif Nisar

Producer: MD ProductionsRanja

Ranja Cardi was one of the best-written dramas this year. It was one of the leading Pakistani dramas. It was brilliantly played out. Ranja Ranja Cardi was also one of the most beautifully performed dramas in 2019. This drama was featured on Hum TV. Ranja Ranja Cardi raised the bar high. Best Pakistani dramas 2020

best pakistani dramas
Top Best Pakistani dramas 2020 Ranja Ranja kardi

They could not help but compare every good drama and performance with it. Ranja The story of Ranji Cardi was unusual and intriguing. It was also exciting.

The outstanding performances of Imran Ashraf and Caviar Aziz captivated the audience. Best Pakistani dramas 2020 There were some unique characters in this drama. Ranja Ranja Cardi was an exceptional show.

This kept viewers glued to their television screens. There are very few dramas that leave a lasting impression. This was one of them. Ranja Ranja Cardi presented the audience with the most memorable characters. They were played wonderfully by a few of the best actors in the Pakistani theater industry. This has been discussed everywhere. Even now, people are debating this, talking about good dramas.

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List Of Best Upcoming Pakistani Darams Must-Watch Series. 

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Mere Pass Tum Ho

Script writer: Khalil-ur-Rehman Kamar

Director: Nadim BaigProducer:

Six Sigma PlusMere Pass Tum Ho is currently the most popular drama. It is broadcast on Ary Digital. Mere Pass Tum Ho broke all previous ranking records. These records were set by many good dramas this year.

Mere Pass Tum Ho continues to retain the audience’s interest. The Mere Pass Tum Ho dialog appeals to the general public. His characters have gained popularity, which dramas rarely get. Also, it is from two different people in their travels.

Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Mery Pass tum ho
Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Mery Pass tum ho

Stunning performances are a conversation of the city. Humayun Said, Ayesha Khan, and Adnan Siddiki made this drama a pleasure for the audience. Nadim Beig shot this drama so well.

This is Ari’s only drama on social media every week. This is discussed on social networks and other platforms. The final chapter of Star Wars Released Now Dawn of ‘Dawn of Skywalker’


Script writer: Umera Ahmed

Director: Khasib HassanProducer

Best Pakistani dramas 2020 was this year’s most anticipated drama. Alif is based on the famous Umera Ahmed novel.

Another reason the audience eagerly awaited this drama was the return of Hamza Ali Abbasi. He was returning to television after a long break. Like many other dramas by Umera Ahmed, Alif also has a spiritual and religious element. These elements resonate with the audience when everything is done correctly.

Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Alif
Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Alif

Although Alif was on the air for only a few weeks, this is already one of the most popular and favourite geo-dramas. Viewers like to watch the travels of leading characters.

The drama was also beautifully shot. The dialogue and characters of Alif completely captivated the audience. The performance of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Ali is very popular with the audience. This drama continues to give viewers something to look forward to every week. Alif only gets better when the story moves forward.

Alif is likely to receive even more viewers and love from the audience as the plot develops. This is the leading Pakistani drama already. Alif is broadcast on Geo Entertainment.

List Of Ever Best Pakistani dramas 2020: Hum Tv Dramas

Ehd Wafa

Screenwriter: Mustafa Afridi

Director: Saif HassanProducer:

MD Productions / ISPREhd-e-Wafa

offers complete family entertainment. Unlike other dramas, this one is not related to marriage. Ehd-e-Wafa travels with four friends.

These friends come from entirely different walks of life. Each track offers something new and refreshing. Some performances are outstanding. Zara Noor Abbas Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, and the excellent performances of Wahaj Ali are loved by many.

Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Ehad e Wafa
Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Ehad e Wafa

Sayf Hassan’s skillful leadership makes this drama a must-see. Unlike other dramas staged by ISPR,

This one is not entirely dedicated to the lives of the military, which is another refreshing change. Ehd-e-Wafa aired on Hum TV and PTV Home. That is why it was added to Best Pakistani Dramas 2020.

 To Bol

 Script writer: Sarvat Nazir

Director: Sayed Vajahat RaufProducer:

Six Sigma Plus / Next Level Entertainment Do Bol Top Pakistani Dramas 2020  was Ari’s most popular drama in 2019. The audience loved her. The two largest production houses produced it in the country.

These production houses gave us some of the most famous plays this year. With Bol, the story was relatively simple. Even then, it was of public interest. Top Pakistani dramas 2020 The reason is that it is a great story. People were utterly involved in the story. It was to leave everything and watch some drama.

Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Do Bol
Top Pakistani dramas 2020 Do Bol

This drama is about the journey of two main characters. Hira Mani and Affan Wahid played them. They get married by accident, not really. This is all due to a misunderstanding.

The fast pace of this drama was a big plus. Features added to appeal and viewers. OST from Do Bol has also become really popular. Hira Mani and Affan Wahid eclipsed their roles. Their pair on the screen was a hit. Several Dol Bol episodes were broadcast every week, which was another reason people liked to watch it. They did not have to wait a week to watch a new episode.


Screenwriter: Sarvat Nazer

Director: Danish Nawaz Producer

MD ProductionsKhaas

It was one of the most popular Hum TV dramas this year? Haas was not an instant hit. In the first few weeks, people even criticized him throughout history. All this has changed with the development of history. Haas solved this problem wisely. 

Top Pakistani dramas 2020 KhasThe impact of this drama was enormous. Characteristics and performances stood out. The script was superbly recorded. This was another story about the dramas of 2019. This opened up an important debate. Healthy discussions began. Sanam Baloch Ali Rehman, Hira Tarin, and Harun Shahid played notable roles in this drama series.

More Abru

Screenwriters: Persid Afzal and Vasik Ali

Director: Furkan Adam Producer:

MD Productions The simple story of Meer Abru liked the audience. This was enough to keep the audience on the hook. This drama should be watched by all viewers who love light entertainment. Meer Abreu also had a perfect mix of emotions. Top Pakistani dramas 2020 The fast pace of Meer Abreu contributed to his success.

More Abru
More Abru

He remained at the top until the end. Meer Abru had a fascinating script. It was also his greatest strength.

It was one of the most-watched Hum TV dramas in 2019. The phenomenal performances of Sanam Chaudhry, Nur Hassan, and Mirza Zane Beig contributed to the success of this drama. People could easily connect with the characters they played.

10 Mind-Numbing Facts About Best Pakistani Dramas 2020.

Sunyo Chanda 2

Script writer: Saima Akram Chaudhry

Director: Ahson Talish Producer:

MD Productions Suno Chanda 2

It was a special Ramadan series. It was a continuation of the comic series of the same name. It was a comedy and light entertainment. Suno Chanda 2 also received awards at the Hum TV Awards.

In the top Pakistani dramas of 2020, immensely few comic series entertained the audience. Suno Chanda 2 was one of them.

Top Pakistan dramas 2020 Souno Chadana
Top Pakistan dramas 2020 Souno Chadana

Outstanding performance by Nadia Afghanistan. Her brilliant performance captivated the audience.

The characters of Arjumand Rahim Raz Talish and Sabina Faruk and their performances became an entertaining addition to this series. Suno Chanda 2 was a pointless entertainment, enough to keep the audience busy until the end.

Ishk zah-e-nasib

Script writer: Hashim Nadim

Director: Farouk RindProducer

MD Productions Moomal ProductionsIshk Zah-i-Nasib offers a different plot. It also has some of the most brilliant performances. The main actors, in particular, did so well.

It also has enough tracks and turns to keep the audience’s interest. Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb is a drama that attracts the attention of viewers. The reason is the story. It has stress and substance. Hashim Nadim often comes up with original stories. His stories are not like any other.

Ishk Zah-i-Nasib is undoubtedly one of them. Zahid Ahmed’s performance in this drama was named one of the best performances in his career. Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb turned out to be another feather in the head of Hum TV, being one of the good killings, secrets, and thrillers.


Script writer: Samina Ijaz

Director: Syed Vajahat Hussein

Producer: Dramaybaaz Entertainment

Yaaryan was a blockbuster for Geo TV. Top Pakistani Dramas 2020 Also broke all the rating records. Best Pakistani Dramas 2020: the audience loved Yaariyan because of its entertaining value. Even those who don’t watch many geo-dramas are tuned for this. Yaariyan had a star with big names.

Top Pakistani dramas 2020
Top Pakistani dramas 2020

The cast included Junaid Khan, Munib Butt Hina Bayat Mehmud Aslam, Shagufta Bhatti, and Mural Sheikh. There was nothing new in Jaariyan’s story. However, it was a fast pace. Best Pakistani dramas 2020 Most importantly, the audience liked it. Each episode was unprecedented.

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